The Amazing Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Smart Lock

The Amazing Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Smart Lock

Do you ever think about how many steps are involved in opening the main door? Search your keys in a bag, drop accidentally, pick the keys and add more frustration if you choose the wrong one. In life, there is so much to juggle, with so much happening at once we need convenience without sacrificing quality. I was sick from carrying the keys or hiding.  I desperately need the solution to get rid of this situation and want something to add ease to my routine.

One of my friends recommended me to go for a smart lock. I like the idea but the next question was which one would be the best choice for me. I searched through the internet, market and read reviews of customers as much as I can because I do not want to have any bitter experience and I was looking for the best possible one. After a lot of hustle, I chose the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Smart Lock as it ranks highly in consumer reports and offers a variety of benefits to homeowners with both safety and convenience in mind.

I have fully contended on my decision and happy that I chose the best ever smart lock. It has so many amazing features. Now I am recommending this to all my family members and friends. Down below, I am describing its features in detail so that you made your decision without having any doubt in a one go.

Strength in features:


This smart looks so pretty and fancy. Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt has the most classy finish options.

Touch Screen:

Schlage Lock has a resistive touch screen with a matte finish that protects against fingerprints and smudges.

Easy installation:

The installation is quite easy and handy. You only need a screwdriver. But I recommend also having chisel, a pencil, scissors, and tape measures and a hammer in case you need them.

Battery life:

The battery life of this lock is of twelve month. Practically it lasts from 9-12 months. Those who have a complaint about its battery drains quickly, they are advised to check that either their locks are fitted properly or not.

Unique access:

It can create 30 different unique access codes for guests. It can be used perfectly when a friend needs access, a cleaner, baby sitters or a repair person.

Z-wave plus technology:

The lock works on Z-wave plus technology. It’s a wireless technology that works for lots of smart home devices that work through the hub. It gives you a lot more functions. You can add or remove codes straight from the application. You can do all the others functional between vacation modes, turns the beep on and off and also the activity lock. Therefore, when the user code has been entered, you know who is coming and entering your home.

Robot Function:

The most amazing feature of Z- wave plus application is robot function. You can set it up so that if certain code is entered that would set other things in the house. It can either turn on the smart home devices or send the notification. For instance, I have done a setting that if someone enters the code it sends me a notification on my app and turns on the light connected to the smart home.

No Break-ins:

It has strong motorized deadbolts. Most of the questions arise that is this as good as a normal deadbolt. It has extra-long reinforcement screws, 2.5 inches long. While putting those allows you to have answers from BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) notifications which basically say this is the highest level of security functionality you can get out of the deadbolts.

Build-in Alarm:

It has a built-in alarm that can alert you in any activity at your door. Main security doubt comes to mind what happened if anyone from outside would try to override the code manually. The nice thing if you get four wrong codes in a row then it will sound an alarm. It has an alarm feature inside. The alarm has three settings to detect the movement of the door and alert homeowners with audible alarm. It’ll wake you up if you are sleeping inside.


I am not extra rating its features; Schlage Lock is adding a real charm to my life. Now, I don’t have any worries to carry keys or fear to forget and to lose them at all. I don’t do any more struggle in opening the front door either my hands would be filled with shopping bags while returning from shopping. I can provide access from anywhere and have all the records of people who are entering my house and when.

I receive every notification. It has a built-in alarm to keep you and your home safe from those unwanted people who would try to override the code manually. One thing I will highly recommend to change your password after couple of months to enhance the security feature. The price is pretty much reasonable. I would highly recommend you to get this smart lock for your home.

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