Oaks | the significant brand in smart locks

Oaks | the significant brand in smart locks

Smart locks are adding a lot of convenience to our life. Things like entering your home hands-free, letting people in your homes just to deliver the package or take your dog to walk. 

Now forgetting the keys in the house while locking the door or completely forget to lock the door while going outside are the things of the past. Thanks to portable keyless smart locks adding comfort to our life in return for just a few hundred dollars.

For the sake of ease in my daily routine and my interest in smart home devices, I also installed the Oaks smart lock in my front door. Why Oaks? In effect, it is not decided in one go. I did search for all the small details, read the reviews of the smart locks, and found Oaks smart lock best according to my requirements.

As popular saying first impression is the last impression. It exactly matches with the Oaks smart lock appearance. When I opened the box my first reaction was wow. It looks amazingly beautiful and attractive and has great quality.

Without wasting more time, I am going to discuss and explore its features so that it may be helpful you in having your decision to buy the smart lock for your home.


It has a beautifully sleek design with an attractive touch keypad. It is the best looking lock in the market. Your friends and neighbors will just be impressed by its appearance.


The device is based on Bluetooth connection. You have to buy a gateway at the backorder to control it remotely through WIFI.


Its installation is quite easy and one can do it in 5-10 minutes. It is a complete deadbolt installation. Download the Oaks smart lock app and follow the instructions for installation.

Ways to access:

It provides you multiple options for access. You can access through Key code, app and Oaks Fob. You can provide access by sharing E-key through your phone and get the door open without leaving your place.

Automated lock:

It has an automated lock feature. You do not need to worry while outside your home and forget to lock the door. It automatically locks the door when you go outside.

Activity login:

You can track all the records who enter or leave your house and when. You know when your door is open and close.

Battery Life:

It has a one-year battery life. You can extend it 3-4 months more by using it smartly. You will get the notification when the battery is low. If you forget, you can also use the standard 9 volts battery. 

Affordable Price:

The best part as compared to other smart locks is its price. You will get the best-automated Bluetooth smart lock at such a reasonable price. 

Guest Passcode:

If you are going on vacation you can also set the passcode for a limited duration for guest purposes.


Smart locks have been emerging as an inevitable need in the present time for your home security and mental peace. Oaks smart lock provides all the high-quality essential features at such a low price. Its beautiful and slim look becomes adaptable to any type of door and gives a delicate look. It has an automated lock feature that frees you from the anxiety of leaving the door unlocks. It comes up with multiple options for giving access. Therefore, if you forget the code key, open through the app using the phone. If you have no phone with you then no need to trouble yourself, just use the Oaks fob to unlock the door. The only drawback, I found it doesn’t work on Wi-Fi and cannot change the passcode. But it also provides you the choice to buy a gateway at the backorder to get the remote access. I am very pleased to have this one. I highly recommend you that don’t compromise on your comfort and security and go for the Oaks smart lock, the best one in the product line.

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