Kwikset 909 Smart Code highly secure and durable

Kwikset 909 Smart Code highly secure and durable

Everyone including me is concerned about their home security. Two or three locks to the main door are not the ultimate solution.  Handling one key is the stressful matter, how can one take precautions with two or three keys. You would face a lot of trouble if you misplace the one key. In today’s world, the most reliable solution is to install a smart lock to your home. They provide you a lot more benefits with your home safety. The foremost benefit is your peace of mind, no more pain about taking precautions from misplacing or forgetting keys and entering the home without juggling your hands in purse for searching keys.

There are a lot of options in the smart locks product line in the market. Surely you’ll face many difficulties which one should be chosen. I had gone through this phase when I had to buy the smart lock for my home. I deeply searched top smart locks brands with their features, read their reviews and decided the best one for me. I made my decision for Kwikset 909 motorized deadbolt smart lock. I found all its features according to my requirements.

I am pleased that I bought Kwikset Smart Code lock. It is working smoothly. I am writing and discussing its features in detail to save your time from brainstorming and adding ease to make make your decision. This is my first review of any product; Kwikset 909 smart code lock after using and observing its features for six months. I am going to my new one for my backdoor as well.


Its design is sleek and simple with automated backlit keypads having six buttons. It has a strong motorized deadbolt.


Its installation is not much easy. It takes a little bit more time and you have to follow the instructions given in the manual. Maybe it would be easy for those who are already handy with screws and screwdrivers. It mostly fits on standard doors.

Re-key feature:

It has a default key as a mechanical bypass. You can also re-key it with any other key or your present house key by following the instructions given in the manual. When you set the other key the default key will not work.

Easy to use:

Its functioning is super easy and simple with a one-touch locking button. It is extremely easy to use even my 5 years old daughter knows how to lock and unlock the door.


It is BHMA grade-2 certified indicating the super residential security. It also offers great durability for your home safety.

Access codes:

You can generate eight different unique codes for family members and a temporary code for any workman, dog walker, or guest that you can change anytime. It also has a master code feature to manage the codes.

Automated Lock:

It has an automatic lock features. Just do setting to lock the door automatically after 30 secs you close the door and get the peace of mind if you forget to lock the door.


Its alarm sounds automatically when someone tempers the code. The alarm starts ringing when three consecutive wrong codes are entered.

Led Indicator:

It has an LED indicator to indicate the lock or unlock the door. Red light flashes if the door is not locked properly and the green light flashes if the door is locked.


Kwikset 909 is easy to use. The best feature I like that it does not depend on any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. It may be not useful for tech lovers but according to my experience that technologies and software are updated from time to time and if we have one which functioning is based on any application then we often face trouble whenever there is an update in software at the back ends. It affects the functioning of our device and as a result, we face much frustration. It applies to all smart home devices. I am sure many people will favor my opinion that has experience.  I feel the little difficulty in its installation and fitting. The good thing about this motorized electronic lock is its price. This lock is much cheap in price compares to other fancy touch keypads smart home locks but its features are pretty much amazing and are a complete package for your home security or your peace.

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