iHome Google Assistant | Smart Home Alarm Clock  

iHome Google Assistant | Smart Home Alarm Clock  

Last night when I was sleeping I noticed that why was my pillow gleaming?  It took me a few minutes to conclude the answer to this riddle, an answer that was quite obvious in the field of retrospect. In my justification I was tired, exhausted and it was too late, and that was the quite reason I constantly tried to sleep at the first place of my pillow before seeing the luminosity. Then I finally got my answer, I fiercely gazed at the culprit iHome Google Assistant. 

With responsive mics, giving quality playback boost, iHome Google assistant comes with a smart display that shows times, get you weather news, traffic, including a physical snooze button. You can wirelessly play music with Bluetooth devices and it will help you getting access to stream thousands of music channels via Wi-Fi audio. In addition, you can talk to Google Home assistant anywhere from your room.


  • It has built in far field voice capability
  • To get started  “hey Google” to play music, get latest news, audiobooks and also to manage all other home devices
  •  Gave far-field voice commands to activate Google anywhere within the room
  • It has Built in Wi-Fi enabled
  • With streaming of thousands of music channels via Wi-Fi connection it will control hundreds of you smart home devices including Nest, wink, smart things and a lot more others.
  • It has built in charging port keeping your mobile charge and always ready to go.

The iHome name is dashed at the top of the device that makes it noticeable .The device in itself came in unique shape. We are not sure that it has either a retro look or merely a different and unusual appearance. The shape is not square neither round. It has completely different look from all other home devices and clocks. With its modest colors, the speakers on lower two third of the device are protected by mesh cloth giving it a touch of rough look while on the upper third stands in crisp visual contrast with the delicate frost white plastic.

Product Specifications:

Package Dimension8.4 x 7.9 x 3.8 inches
Shipping weight2.3 pounds
Item Model NumberiGv1
Manufacture color finishWhite

A button can dim or can shut off the LEDs of clock. The LEDs at their dimmest setting are luminous that I simply need to turn their display off at night and they can make you uncomfortable if you are a kind of person who like the dark room in a real sense.

Google assistantBrighter Light Indicator
USB charging port 
Compatible services 
Multi room 

There are two ports at the back of this device, one is to get the clock charged on and the other one is a USB port so that one can connect to charge a separate other device. Company did not include a USB but it’s a pretty much standard USB port any cable will work on it.  The smart Home iGv1 is specially designed to make it run with voice commands but speaking loud at all, the time is not a good deal keeping that in mind company designed a digital clock on its interface to make it easy for you.

At the top bottom of the clock, there are the buttons to play/pause, or to repeat the tracks you like the most. In addition, a button will trigger Google assistant for you. With its all-decent features, the iGv1 is a perfect alarm clock speaker with easy display, upcoming alarm indicator, with perfect speakers in order to listen music late at night.  It will work far more powerful than beside an alarm clock that likely sits by your bed right now.

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