Grade 3 Certified Tacklife Smart lock| Highly Secure and Easy To Use

Grade 3 Certified Tacklife Smart lock| Highly Secure and Easy To Use

Are you still worried that either you have taken the keys or not, forget the door unlock, and keeping the copies of keys?

As technology is upgrading day by day the smart home devices are becoming a fundamental part of our life. Using smart locks is not a novelty to many people. As technology is overcoming everywhere, people are becoming more concerned about their home security.

Besides the security advantage, you don’t have to depend on physical keys. It means no more lockouts, no more worries to keep copies of keys and no more digging for keys into the purse and pockets. Buying a smart lock is more affordable than paying to a locksmith.

We found many types of smart locks in the market concerning technology,  appearance, functions, and price. It’s also a backbreaking job to find the best one keeping all the aspects in the mind. I bought the Tacklife Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock a few months ago after gathering information and reviews on the best smart door locks. I want a smart lock for my front door for much time as I once forget the keys and I have to pay a huge amount to locksmith and also suffer from frustration and time wastage.

The main reason that I chose the Tacklife door lock that it offers all the essential features at pretty much less price as compared to the other fancy and stylish looking touch keypad smart locks and I am happy to have it as it comes up with more than my expectation. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.


Honestly, I don’t like its design much as compared to the other smart door locks. But this can be neglected in comparison to its price and functioning.


Its installation is easy with the little adjustments but you need some patience if you are not used to fitting and installing things with screwdrivers. Read and follow the instructions carefully before installing the lock.


I found this lock much convenient in use as it does not depend on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. All the smart home devices that work with an app faces trouble when there is an up-gradation in application or software. Sometimes your device stops working properly.

Silicone Keypad:

It has backlit keypad touch so you may easily enter the code in dark time. The buttons are covered with silicone lining enhancing their durability and save them from tampering.

Battery replacement:

It has good battery life and can replace easily without changing the whole kit.

Easy and quick to use:

With its one-touch key lock, it is easy and quick to use. If you are going to nearby, just press the button to lock and unlock. You have not needed to press the code.

Auto lock feature:

This smart lock also offers the auto-lock the feature. You can set the time from 10-99 seconds for auto-lock and become tension free whenever you forget to lock your door.

Customizable codes:

You can create six customizable codes for your family members, guests or service person. If you have six codes that are in use you cannot create a new one unless you delete one of them.

Security and durability:

It is ANSI BHMA Grade-3 certified which gives the surety of high commercial security features.


Although the Tacklife electronic deadbolt door lock does not look as cool and stylish as other smart door locks, it fulfills all our needs for a smart lock. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars when you have a choice to get a similar working product at much less price. By paying less than a hundred dollars for a product you can get high worth value in return that is your peace of mind. It is the best lock in every aspect. I highly recommend you to buy this lock and save your money as much as possible.

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