Feiyen Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Holder | Best Voice Assistant

Feiyen Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Holder | Best Voice Assistant

Sometime I wonder how beautiful it would be, what if we got our home completely automated with a sound of our voice or by a single finger tap. Before the invention of voice assistant technology, my life was so hectic and all works manually which really makes me tired and feel sick. Looking after everything and taking care of them ah exhausted…. Later on, I came up with the idea of fixing a home voice assistant to make things works smoothly in my life and to secure some time. Technology companies are carrying out their efforts to bring the best version of product for human comfort and to make their life easier. So here, I am with Feiyen Outlet wall Mount Hanger Holder Voice Assistant  This is considered as one of the best voice assistant for homes.  


  • Simple Setup:

It is an excellent option then those of others that require drilling holes. You can install it easily without user guide. To keep the dot firmly form dropping it down it comes with 2 secure locks also, including one seamless footstep excellently carrying the real power adapter from Your Dot.

  • Perfect Cord Arrangement:

Time to say goodbye to mess long bunches of cord behind the cord. In addition, be off of the ledge & counter top of kitchen, restroom and room without explicit power cable link.

  • Improved voice Recognition:

The dot in the position of facing them out from wall makes it more responsive and it will expose all microphones and speakers. For maximum output of sound, it has a rear grill.

  • Sleek Design:

Its elegant design makes your home look smarter. You can fix it any place at home where you feel convenient. It only fits with dots 3rd generation.

Item Information:

Package Dimension7.5 x 4.3 x 2.3 inches
Item weight4.6 ounces
Shipping Weight4.8 ounces
Item Model Number8541750742
It’s very cheap and durableIt does not work with outlet that’s side ways
Excellent space save looks neat & clean 
Stay in wall outlet without falling out 
Sleek design looks attractive 

Feiyen Outlet wall Mount Hanger Holder Voice Assistant giving you a smart space saving solution. It does not wrap the sound of the speaker allows you to get rid from horrible cords. It looks amazing, elegant design, perfect quality, low weight; you can take it from one room to another room makes it compact. Unlike other sellers products the sound of the dot 3rd is trapped. Feiyen Mount Perfectly releases the sound of the speaker and maintains its original sound quality. It is made of plastic, but looks very well made. There is a convenient cable wrapping room in the back, which hides the extra cable perfectly. Excellent space saver! You can put it off the bedroom table but still can see the pretty ring light now. It hears you much better.

 Sparing your space and richly enhance your home. Worked in link the board and bid farewell to the long terrible cords. Hold your speaker immovably and never influences the sound yield. Fit your smart speaker superbly. The custom-made structure makes the snare partition fit progressively cozy to the wall plug, which makes sure about your gadget on the wall solidly. It is simple to introduce and appropriate for the room, front room, kitchen, washroom and all the spots in your home.

Our Customers have a great experience with Feiyen Outlet wall Mount Hanger Holder Voice Assistant it is cheap but it is durable thou. Specially designed for those who wants to  save their space. It will gave your home neat and clean look.

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